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Product Information / 產品資訊
 產品名稱: 麻辣火鍋

 成      份:  麻辣醬(玉米油、辣椒、小麥粉、鹽、米酒、生薑、大蒜、花椒、小茴香、八角、胡椒、白砂糖)、鮮味粉(玉米澱粉、葡萄糖、白砂糖、雞肉、胡椒、薑黃)、辣油(大豆沙拉油、辣椒、辣椒籽)

 容       量: 淨重約85g±4.5g

 保存方式: 存放於室溫陰涼處,冷藏更佳,開封後請盡快食用。

 保存期限: 一年

 有效期限: 標示於包裝袋上
How to cook / 調理方式
Add 700c.c.water or broth (Do not add any seasonings.) and few scallions into a pot. Then bring it to boil. 

Once the water is boiled, place the EASTFOOD soup base mix into the boiling water and stir it well. (If the flavor of the soup base is too strong, you may add some water or broth to thin out the flavor.) You can add the House Special Spicy Oil Sachet according to the degree of spiciness you like. 

There are chili and peppercorns in the soup base. If you are afraid of chewing on the peppercorns, you may also scoop up the peppercorn after the soup is boiled. Then add the ingredients you like. Once the ingredients are cooked thoroughly, you may dig in.
*Do not add any seasoning to your broth*
*EASTFOOD Soup base mix can also be directly used for noodles, (halogen) duck blood, tofu.